Your personal site-checker

I just found a great site where you can check how the search engines, and your visitors, are feeling about your website. Your visitors can get annoyed if there are broken links on your site. It shows that you haven’t been thorough making sure everything’s working, which reflects on their perception of how you may deal with them as customers. Some websites have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of links. Particularly if you’re constantly reviewing, editing and updating, checking all of these links can be very time consuming. Much better if you can have someone else do it for you, no?
Google gets a bit upset if they think any of the content on your site is duplicated, or closely copied, from other sites. In fact, they’ll penalise you for it by either dropping your ranking or, in the case of serious offenders, removing you from search results altogether. Not that I expect any of you to be at fault, but if you can get a free check to see if your content is even a little bit too close for comfort to another site, you’d be pretty happy to get it done I reckon.
So this is a simple one;
If you have any trouble, don’t understand what you need to do next, or need some help fixing your site, get hold of me here. I’ll get back to you asap.