Sales Videos

Sales videos. The media that’s increasing revenue and response rates in the US by up to four times! Could your business do with a four-fold increase in revenue? What would it mean to you to suddenly have four times as many customers? How about if your marketing response rates suddenly multiplied by a factor of four?

Not many businesses would ignore the possibility. And a lot of businesses have already grabbed the chance.

Sales videos are the big news in marketing. According to independent industry watcher eMarketer it was the fastest growing ad format world-wide in 2012: In China, video marketing ad spending is tipped to reach $4.07 billion this year: Facebook has also signalled a major push into video advertising this year. According to The Guardian research shows that consumers consider online videos to be extremely useful and feel that companies that have them are more trustworthy.

The trust element is an interesting one. A well made sales video differs from written sales products in one important way. The script varies little from a written sales message. The catchy headline and lead, the benefits, the calls to action are all still there. But you’ve got someone looking you in the eye as they say it. Which creates a connection difficult to replicate with words alone. Does it create a level of trust? TV advertisers and infomercial producers certainly believe so, and they’ve been successful with it for many years.

But sales videos are too long. Too boring. You can’t see how long they are. You can’t fast forward to the interesting bit. There’s too much filler and too much waiting for the punchline. I agree. We’ve all seen something like that. If not all the way through, at least the first few minutes maybe.

They don’t have to be that way.

There are no rules. Sales videos can be used attached to email campaigns and landing pages. They can be placed on any of your site pages. The text can be included so people who don’t like videos can just read it old-school. Or the video could be an addition to the sales material, to add some of your corporate personality to the message. They certainly do not have to be staid or conformist. Dollar shave, for example, from the US, posted a catchy one recently on youtube you can see here. You can have fun with them and still get the message across.

You don’t have to be in front of the camera either, if you’re the shy type. You can use powerpoint, animation, testimonials from clients, clips of staff talking about your products, hire actors, your options are limited only by your imagination.

We can write the script for you, help create the promotion, and post it online. We can also write the copy for the associated email and site pages to guide the visitor from the VSL to the order page. Contact us asap to discuss this great new option further and so we can help you re-arrange how you do things.