Strap Into The New Search Engine Power of Social Media

SEO is evolving so quickly these days. It seems like only yesterday that keywords were primary to getting search page rankings. Then HTML meta tags and cross-linking became more important, and again the focus shifted to higher quality link-building. Now the goal posts have moved again; engagement is now the new measure of SEO success.

Not to say that these things don’t work anymore, they are still fundamental SEO building blocks. Google, however, now rates how you engage with your prospects when ranking your site in search results. This means to maintain your ranking you’ll need to begin (or continue) creating content your prospects want to read and share. And how do you deliver this content? And how do your prospects share online with friends and colleagues?

Social media of course.

The advantages and incentives to creating valuable content are the potential for it to spread wider than your intended audience, driving more traffic and engagement with your website, and hopefully leading to more specific brand searches. Great content also leads to back-links from bloggers and other information source sites, which is still of great benefit to your SEO. All of which reinforces your recognition with the search engines as a reputable information source, and a valuable site for their search engines to rank highly.

Don’t forget either that social media sites are also search engines themselves! People are searching on Facebook and Linkedin looking for you or for businesses like yours. Not having a presence there, you run the risk of missing out on those potential clients looking for you and not finding you, but finding your competition instead.

So it’s to your benefit to get involved, if you haven’t already. If you need some help setting it up, contact us here or through the website. We can talk you through why committing to a social media content strategy will generate more traffic and leads, show you how to get started, help you with a content plan, or take the reins totally if you haven’t got the time or the writer to do your business justice.