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In today's ultra-competitive market, how can I get my business noticed?

Do you want real results from your business marketing? You've come to the right place.

Have you tried marketing before and it didn't work out? There are things we can show you to help change all that.

Do you believe in what you do, that there's a bigger market out there for your products, but you don't know how to tap in? That's what we're here for.

Too busy to manage a marketing campaign yourself? Looking for someone you can trust? Look no further.

Are you a little anxious about turning things around quickly? No worries, it's our business to make that happen. We have plans in place, ready to adapt to your needs and put straight into action.

We like to think we can improve things. We believe there is no such thing as perfect copywriting, and we don't mind stepping outside the boundary to find something unusual to get attention.. We're cheeky enough to think that what might have worked well for you yesterday can still be better tomorrow. We know how to test it, track it, hone it 'til it's sharp.

If the same old story gets the same old response, isn't it time for a new story?

Was your last promotion or ad campaign a flop? Do you know why? Is your website bringing you new business, like you were told it would?  Has it been audited to test its power to sell? There's a big difference between the scope of a web designer and a trained marketing copywriter, and a great design doesn't always translate to sales without strong sales content. If you think you could use a professional eye, we've got all the tools you need for building B2C & B2B campaigns.

So let's get started! The first step towards the biggest thing you've ever done for your business is only a phone call or an email away. We're in Mandurah, WA, if you found us locally, but we're available anywhere and anytime in the virtual world. Yes, you might find we're a little bit different, but we've been trained by the best, seriously, the best copywriters in the world. We're pretty sure you'll be thrilled by the new ideas we'll find for you, and we're looking forward to helping you get it going.

The Crashbanger

ps; check out the page links above or below for more info on our services.

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Why you'll be glad you used us?
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Our copywriting capability, & our close communication
With attention to detail, we remove the need for major editing of our work. We're happy to re-draft until it feels how you like, but we take pride in not causing you trouble with the basics. We're also pretty personable and approachable. If you want to add or change an idea just let us know, we'll have it incorporated with no fuss. Satisfying our clients is part of our mission, we want you to not only be happy with our work, but to be happy enough to refer us to your associates as well!   [/column] [column size="col-6" class="nbm light-medium-text"]
Unlimited Marketing Options
Quality web content is the big thing right now. There are some simple but strong ways to use your site, your email list, social media and more to drive your business growth. We can explain it all to you in language you understand. If your circumstances dictate a different approach however; if you have a local focus or a particular market segment you've identified, we're happy to go old school. Direct marketing through a mailbox is still very effective. You can accurately track your results, and work within any budget.     [/column] [/row]