Get yourself one Google page 1!

Does your website show up on the Google map when you search for businesses like yours in your local area? If you do a search for restaurants in your suburb, for example, up will come a list of them, with their contact details and a distance from your location. All of these businesses are registered with Google +. All of the restaurants that you know that should be on that list, like the one you wanted to call but can’t find, are not.
It’s a pretty handy service Google offers for nothing, and it can be an easy way to get your business onto the front page of google searches. And you can do it yourself!
All you need to do is register the business with google plus:, wait for them to mail you your registration password details, and log on. Simple, and effective, something for nothing. Get on it.
If you have any trouble connecting, or you want to know some of the other tricks you can do with the search engines, hit us on here or through the website. Have a good week!