Brochures & Flyers

Brochures and flyers are a great letterbox medium for large and small companies alike. Glossy promos can be very eye-catching and give the reader the impression you are a serious organization that takes their marketing seriously. With powerful copywriting and a strong call to action, they can bring you the strongest return on investment of all print media.

We’ve all seen them, from the local pizza store or real estate agent to the big supermarket and hardware chains, many businesses use them as a way not only to raise awareness, but to promote specials and encourage fast-response buying. Their potential is to try to take advantage of the relaxed emotional state of people reading at their leisure, in the comfort of their own homes, with no salesmen¬†putting pressure on to make a decision.

The problem is that such a large proportion of them are thrown straight in the bin after just a cursory glance. Which is fine if you’re a large corporation with huge revenue and an unlimited marketing budget. Not ideal though if every buck counts.

Which is why the copywriting is such a vital element to the success of the promotion. With proper research we will closely identify the triggers that readers will respond to. We’ll find a headline that stops them throwing it in the bin before they read a little more. We’ll shine a light on a problem they have, and persuade them that your product is the solution. Finally we’ll convince them that the best time to do it is now.

Purely from a marketing perspective flyers & brochures offer easy tracking. Which means you can accurately define the success of every promotion. By adding a few more elements we can also turn them into lead generators, to build your email lists and give you the chance to add value to each customer. Used correctly you can use flyers to market to specific, existing clients, and building long-lasting relationships.

So they can be a great advertising option for small businesses, as long as they get read. We partner with one of the leading printing franchises to give you well-priced printing and discounted mailing rates, making this medium effective and good value. To find out the difference between a successful mail-out and a waste of your money, get in touch to tell us what you want to sell, and allow us to take care of the rest of it for you.