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There are some very good reasons why direct mail keeps landing in your mail box. Statistically, in terms of response rate, ROI, cost-per-lead and customer retention rate, it still leads all other marketing media. In a world overloaded with digital information, there is clearly still a place for traditional marketing media. To find out more about the versatility, the trackability, and the performance of this platform, check out our full page here.

Print Advertising

Traditional copywriting revolves around print advertising. For businesses that want to focus marketing attention locally, newspaper advertising, carefully written to generate and track results, can be a perfect fit. If you’ve identified a niche for your products that can be effectively reached through trade or industry publications, magazines ads may be a good choice for you. To get more detail about the benefits and risks of print advertising, see our dedicated page here or contact us now to arrange your free consult.

Brochures & Flyers

Sounds so simple, anyone can do it, why would I need help making a flyer? To capture the readers attention and interest they need a headline that speaks directly to them; the market research needs to identify the emotion that will drive the response you want and dictate the content; the call to action needs to be persuasive, clear and direct, and should include a specific measurable required action so you know how effective it’s been.  Or that’s how we do it. See more here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Whichever media you choose, there are a couple of advertising no-brainers that apply to every one of them:

  • Don’t tell them about you. Nobody reads your ad because they want to hear about what a great job you think you’re doing. If your copy doesn’t speak directly to the benefits to the customer, you are unlikely to make a connection with them. Solve their problems however, and they will come.
  • Include a strong call to action. Advertising isn’t cheap. How do you measure the success or otherwise of your promotion without being able to prove that your new clients came to you through your advertising? That’s exactly what a CTA does. Referencing your CTA to time, or limited supply, is also an effective way to get things happening quickly.

If you’re unsure about how specifically to write these little must-haves into your copy, please, speak to us first.

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