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Why hire a copywriter?

What can a copywriter do that I can’t?


You’re surrounded by copywriting every day. Every TV or YouTube ad you see, every advertorial, every billboard, every ad in a magazine or newspaper; all written by professional copywriters. All of the most memorable slogans ever used to promote a product, a business, or a service, written by copywriters like me. Whether your message is written, visual, audible or all three, copywriting is a marketing fundamental.

A professional copywriter is a salesman first, and a writer second. He has the skill to use words to make the connection between the product and the prospect. He knows how to research and leverage your points of difference and your competitive advantages. To demonstrate the benefits that make your product so much better than your competition. To push the emotional buttons that trigger a buyers response. Like the best salesmen, a good copywriter guides prospects gently but persuasively towards the cash register.

It’s a combination of creativity and science. A blend of the craft of writing and the intricacies of marketing psychology. And these days the internet demands that we’re also skilled in the new languages of search engine & content optimization, website building, social media, lead generation, and data analytics. It’s not just words on a page anymore.

Which isn’t to say you can’t write your own copy. A lot of people do. After all, it doesn’t cost you anything if you do it yourself. Except, perhaps, the opportunity to get your promotion off to the best possible start.

What you get from a professional writer is copy that sells, that keeps working for you 24/7, long after your best salesman goes home for the weekend. What you get is powerful marketing strategies well executed, and a great return on your investment.

Most businesses invest a lot of money getting their products ready for market. The successful ones also understand the value of investing in their marketing. It costs you nothing to find out how quality copywriting can change your bottom line. So why wait? Get in touch, book your FREE consult today.